As we shared in our mission, collaboration is a big part of our intention at The Hive. Here is a list of professionals who currently are or have collaborated with The Hive and are doing amazing work in our community.

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Dr. Jennifer Marie Laner

Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane’s service to the world is through her devotion to dreams and embodied life. She is a mother, mystic, dream oracle and chiropractor. She has studied dreamwork, healing, and magic from both an academic and experiential perspective at Stanford, Esalen, Glastonbury, and beyond.

At The Hive, Jennifer teaches yoga, holds dream temples, and guides sacred circles based in Earth Wisdom and Avalonian Mysteries. Her facilitation invites participants into a realm where body, heart, mind, soul and spirit(s) freely intermingle—where Dreams come alive!

Jennifer is the author of a guidebook on dreaming: ODE: A Guide to Dreaming the World Awake. Connect with her here at and

Sara Weimers

Sara Weimers is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage. As a massage therapist of 18 years and a mom, she brings the sacred healing of massage into the sacred space of parenthood. She teaches Internationally Certified massage sequences throughout a 5 week course that you practice on your infant during class and at home.

Connect with Sara through her website,, via phone, 541-979-4872, or email her at

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Carol Delmonico

Carol Delmonico is a Visionary Coach, Facilitator and Author. With two degrees in healthcare under her belt, Carol spent 18 years as an RN in a hospital setting. At 40 she wanted a change and embarked on an eclectic educational path: Life and Health Coaching Certifications, The Embodied Life, Laughter Yoga, Heartmath, Nonviolent Communication and reading zillions of books on human potential and spirituality. She has helped over 3,000 clients of all shapes, sizes and colors. Carol and Casey Davis recently published their first book "Stoke Your Woke".

Carol empowers curious seekers, who are disillusioned with the status quo, to uncover their "talk" and walk it. She works individually, offers classes, and can work in person and telephonically.

Connect with Carol through her website at

Stoke Your Woke Circle Sessions

Do you feel concerned for the world? Would you like to know how you can show up in new ways?

Join Carol and Casey for circle sessions held at The Hive. Each session, you will explore one evocative question from the book, Stoke Your Woke. You will be introspective, and you'll listen to others. You'll walk away with fresh perspectives and new actions, and perhaps some new friends.

For more information go to Stoke Your Woke.

Here is what past participants have said....

"This is the kind of thing our society desperately needs." - Tara Breitenbucher

"I felt a sense of hope and community, and learned some new things about myself in a very gentle way" - Vicki Avila