This is a list of professionals who regularly teach classes out of The Hive. You can find their classes on our events page, Facebook, Meetup, or through their personal websites.


Shireen Amini

Shireen Amini is a singer-songwriter / musician based in Bend, Oregon whose performance career has interwoven with her passion for healing and indigenous wisdom through the development of “music medicine” offerings. She strongly believes in utilizing the power of music to restore a soulful and conscious existence on our planet and in bringing music back to it’s functional roots through modern means. She performs original world-soul-pop with conscious messages, groovy beats, and often built-in interactive community elements. She also leads the lively local Latin dance rock band, ¡Chiringa!  In 2007, she released a solo EP entitled, “Turnaround” and in 2017 ¡Chiringa! released it’s first full-length album entitled “Familia.” Most recently Shireen put out a single called “Skeleton in the Closet” with a project called JoyRoot. With a background in world music, drum circle facilitation, and sound healing, Shireen also facilitates community music-making events that are both exciting and soul-nourishing. She has worked with youth, lead community drumming and singing events, offered community sound healing experiences and has more music medicine offerings and recorded projects are in the works!  Learn more about Shireen and her offerings at shireenaminimusicmedicine.com

Julie Tartak, Whole Soul Wellness

Intuitively, Energetically and Purposefully, Julie invokes heart-spaced healing. Her focus is on the energetic/emotional healing level. She provides the opportunity for you to explore what works for you, bringing fresh perspectives, clarity, resolve and action steps. Julie gets to the heart of what's blocking you in your life and invites you in for an honest conversation while she uses a variety of coaching methods, intuitive guidance and energetic clearing. She is a catalyst and gateway for beginners and those looking for a whole being approach.  Whole Soul Wellness is about you and your journey into personal growth and self-empowerment.


Bonnie Walker.jpg

Bonnie Walker, CIYT

Bonnie started practicing yoga in 1999 to help relieve neck & shoulder tension from working as web developer and continued to use yoga for its healing benefits through many life stages including prenatal yoga, baby yoga and yoga physical therapy. She began teaching yoga in 2013 and has been an active Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher since 2016.

As a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Bonnie is dedicated to making sure her students gain the understanding and competency in their poses, and the practice necessary, to prevent injury and allow for enjoyment and healthy progress.

Bonnie specializes in helping professional women to eliminate burnout so that they can be their best for their families and at work. She can also work with you to help relieve neck, shoulder and back pain.

To contact Bonnie for private yoga lessons at The Hive, please call/text her: 541.788.0725 or visit her website: bonnie-walker.com. Private session packages and memberships are available.

Jennifer Burnett

Jennifer Burnett has been in the fitness industry for over eleven years. She has a love for all things fitness and enjoys exploring and learning all the wonderful ways her body can learn, grow and move. She is an ACE certified personal trainer, mat level 1 and 2 certified Pilates instructor, and has attended several continuing education workshops and studied under great movement practitioners such as Ido Portal (one of the trainers to Connor McGregor), Kelly Starrett, and many more. In addition to training young athletes, stay at home moms, and clients of all ages and walks of life, she has also taught workshops on body image, self-love and various mindset programs that help promote a healthier vision of self-care.

Jennifer is on a mission to serve people who desire to change their mindset when it comes to fitness, health and body image. She has a passion to help revolutionize the way we look and think about our health and self-worth. Having recently moved to Bend from the east coast, she is looking forward to making new friends and serving the community

Join her for a Pilates mat level 1 and 2 at The Hive every Saturday at 10 am. This is a donation based class. Please bring a mat.